About Us

The Missouri Women’s Leadership Coalition was created specifically to increase the number of rural progressive female candidates in Missouri. We work to recruit and support outstanding female candidates in winnable races outside of Missouri urban centers. 

Our mission statement: achieve political gender equality in Missouri by recruiting and helping elect pro Choice, pro ERA women in cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas outside of our two major cities. 

As a nonpartisan organization, we offer progressive female candidates for Missouri public office professional, emotional, and financial support. Our organization is working every day to increase women’s participation in state politics.

 We have had great success in recruiting outstanding progressive women candidates in targeted races outside of the urban areas of our State, and collectively we can give these candidates the support they need to run a successful campaign.

Join us by contributing to our mission, all funds will be used to help elect pro-Choice, pro-ERA women to public office in areas outside of the major cities in Missouri. Join us today! 

The MWLC Education Fund is a non-profit 501c3, organization which conducts our education and training programs. The MWLC PAC is the political organization which screens, endorses, and financially supports progressive women candidates for office 

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